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Our primary focus is on residential real estate investment properties in Alberta. Our goal is to help clients navigate the buying process and find the best deal with the least risk. You can be sure of receiving excellent service and expert advice.

Investors seeking to purchase Calgary, Alberta real estate investment properties need undivided loyalty and experienced guidance; that is what we provide at Zen Realty Inc.

Fastest Growing City In Canada

Calgary has always been an attractive location, which is the fastest growing city in Canada. This popularity has led to a wide variety of available; new developments, resales, single and multi-family properties. Calgary City is a classic example of supply and demand for investors. For those with investment capital, much can be gained. Market fluctuations may be frequent in real estate, but you can be less severe when choosing the right real estate investment property. We provide comprehensive services to make sure you meet your goal.

Not all properties are worth buying

Supply and demand aren’t consistent across the city. That’s because investment potential varies from one neighborhood to the next. Finding the right property and best terms mean knowing the local market, what changes may be coming, as well as the buying process.

Here to Help

Nandha Ramasamy Realtor provides investors with an end-to-end investment solution, from buyer’s representation to property management when needed. We help you through the buying process with excellence and resources. Our focus is assisting clients in identifying and acquiring quality properties built to outperform. We guide you through each property type, highlight each building’s pros and cons and broader neighborhood. Once found, we’ll estimate the fair market value and strategize on an offer to negotiate, handle negotiations, take care of all the paperwork, and conduct the final walk you through to closing.

How to Buy Investment Property in Calgary

No doubt, many people have dreamed of owning an investment property in Calgary one day. Unfortunately, many investors stop there and don’t consider it a real possibility, misbelieving that it is only an avenue for the super-rich. It’s time we eradicated that myth. Investors come in all shapes and sizes, and, believe it or not, some properties are found at reasonable prices. While owning your own home has many benefits, there is a way to invest in real estate to produce a steady income flow.

Considerations Before Investing

Buying an investment property is a big decision. As such, you’ll want to know all the significant considerations you’ll need to make before starting. Real estate investing can be a risky business at first, which is why having a trusted buyer’s agent by your side is so such a great help. We have the experience, knowledge, and training to make our clients as easy as possible. However, we can only give the right advice when we know what our client wants to accomplish. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your needs and find the property investment that’s just right for you.

Additionally, we work with each of our clients on an individual basis. By listening to your needs and working closely with you from the beginning, you can be sure of receiving nothing but the best advice